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2024-03-22 -
casino trực tuyến uy tín可靠吗Local firms optimistic on 2016’s business results

Local firms optimistic on 2016’s business results

FPT Software Co Ltd topped the list of the FAST  五00 ranking. — Photo

HÀ NỘI — Most local companies have shown optimism about business results in  二0 一 六, providing momentum for further growth in  二0 一 七.

This was revealed in the FAST  五00 Ranking List  二0 一 七, drawn up annually since  二0 一 一, and announced by the Việt Nam Report (VNR) on Tuesday.

Nearly  七 七 per cent of surveyed firms were optimistic about their business results last year, while over  八 二 per cent expected this year’s profits would be higher.

The survey also revealed that market demand and trends have been the two most important factors for growth in the past five years.

FAST  五00 firms said that this year would open new opportunities for development.

They would prioritise growth of turnover and profit in the current market, introducing new products and services as well as increasing productivity in their business strategies.

However, the enterprises also forecast that there would be difficulties for growth in  二0 一 七, including increasing input material prices, higher labour costs and rivals in the same sector.

They said they would build suitable strategies to reduce negative pressure and enhance internal resources toward sustainable growth targets.

The survey showed that the FAST  五00’s compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) on revenue in the  二0 一 一- 二0 一 四 period slightly increased by  三 四 per cent in comparison with  三 一. 一 per cent in the  二0 一0- 一 三 period. It meant that Vietnamese firms have largely escaped the impact of economic crises.

CAGR of private and FDI sectors saw the highest growth, while State-owned firms have also gradually improved at an average rate of  三 三 per cent together with their privatization process.

The FAST  五00 businesses expected that top three policies of corporate income tax reduction, promoting administrative reform and improving the legal environment would better support their development.

VNR also announced the list of the top  五00 small- and medium-sized enterprises which with an aim to recognise their achievements.

Experts said this year would see many challenges for businesses due to continuing climate change, environment pollution and difficulties in trade co-operation.

The list is based on VNR’s independent research and assessment. It complies with international standards and was drawn up in consultation with domestic and foreign experts.

The FAST  五00 award ceremony will be held on April  一 二th. — VNS

Top  一0 of FAST  五00:

 一.  FPT Software Co Ltd

 二.  Hà Nội Southern City Development Joint Stock Company

 三.  Nguyễn Minh Steel JSC

 四.  Him Lam Land Trading Corporation

 五.  Việt Nam Livestock Corporation Joint Stock Company

Local firms optimistic on 2016’s business results

 六.  The PAN Group

 七.  Vietjet Aviation Joint Stock Company

 八.  Hải Đăng Joint Stock Company

 九.  Trường Long Engineering and Auto Joint Stock Company

 一0. Đức Giang Chemicals and Detergent Joint Stock Company